My script for doing testing

Jeremy White jwhite at
Wed Nov 25 10:33:42 CST 2009

So I have done my penance for failing to set up 
a cron to run testing.  I've got routine testing
going every night on 2 boxes.  It seems solid.

I see that many others have done this as well -
wine results are really looking good.

As promised, I'm attaching the script I'm using.

This is my crontab line:
06 02 * * 2-6 /home/jwhite/bin/winetestcron --repo /home/jwhite/w/wine/.git --tag jw-nv-32
e.g. run the script at 2:06 am Tuesdays through Saturdays.

I don't want this to be a general call for everyone
to run this script; rather, this might be a handy tool for
developers who are already running winetest to
save them a little hassle.

My script probably has only one materially useful
feature - it uses a trap to enforce a timeout.
The rest is all pretty easy/obvious stuff.

Also, I've only tested on Linux, not Mac.  Sorry :-(.


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