Introducing WineTestBot

Greg Geldorp ggeldorp at
Mon Nov 30 04:59:16 CST 2009

Hi Andrew,

> From: Andrew Fenn
> This sounds great, one question though. Is there a way to contribute
> to your cloud so that members of the community could grow your windows
> vm testing army?

Interesting idea, it's not something I considered when designing this. The bot 
currently depends on a VMware specific API. That API, VIX, supports VMware 
vSphere (ESX), VMware Workstation and VMware Server. I believe Workstation can 
be controlled only locally, but vSphere and Server are network-capable. So it 
wouldn't be a big deal to add support for remote vSphere and Server VMs (btw, 
Server is free as in beer). Other VMs like VirtualBox would take more work to 
If anyone is serious about contributing VMs please contact me and we'll see 
how to integrate them.

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