comctl32: Implementation the WM_GETTEXT processing of datetime control

Nikolay Sivov bunglehead at
Mon Nov 30 08:37:14 CST 2009

Ilya Shpigor wrote:
>> Or course you can, format a string every time contents change and store
>> it with SetWindowText(). WM_GETTEXT
>> will work through default procedure (I've done it that way for IPAddress
>> control).
> This is good idea, but SetWindowText just send the WM_SETTEXT message. Your 
> patch "comctl32/datetime: Block WM_SETTEXT message" don't allow to do it.
Ah, forgot about it, sorry. Now I think your way is good enough, maybe 
WM_SETTEXT is still forwarded to
default procedure and WM_GETTEXT not, I don't know.
>> Anyway GetWindowText should work, and Wine's implementation uses
>> WM_GETTEXT only for same process windows,
>> so you shouldn't override default handling for this message.
> This possible to test: is the datetime window procedure process WM_GETTEXT? 
> This message must be send to control directly and be processed through 
> CallWindowProc with DefWindowProc parameter. Is this test give right results?
It's possible but such test will tell nothing, WM_GETTEXT definitely 
works for this control class and returns
current content. Blocked WM_SETTEXT makes me think that WM_GETTEXT is 
overridden as you've done.

To test that you could subclass control, catch WM_GETTEXT in subclass 
proc and forward it to default procedure directly
bypassing control handling. If it returns nothing or some creation time 
passed text then your patch is ok.

All of that comes to be extra testing not related to directly visible 
control behavior, treat this as additional checks.

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