Owen Rudge : comctl32: Capture the mouse when performing a listview marquee selection.

Nikolay Sivov bunglehead at gmail.com
Mon Oct 5 12:32:11 CDT 2009

Owen Rudge wrote:
> Hi Nikolay,
>> - open regedit and select any branch from tree - list will display a 
>> single item.
> I don't have this issue - I can select any branch, and the full list 
> of items will appear, as expected, not just a single item.
No, no :). Sorry for that, I meant a branch with a single 'Default' item 
only, that's what I tried with.
>> Then start marquee selection after selecting an item move pointer 
>> somewhere outside the list - try to left and up. It crashes after 
>> that for me in ListView code
> This is indeed a bug, I should have validated that the coordinates 
> passed to the hit test were within the window bounds. I've submitted a 
> fix for this, which also fixes the selection rectangle issue you mention.
Ok. A further speed improvement here: could you move hit testing after 
your new selection code? We don't need hit test data if we're
using marquee already.
>> - list should be scrolled with selection rectangle;
> This isn't a bug as such, it's simply a feature that's not yet been 
> implemented. :)
Sure, just listed everything related.
>> - with regedit again - select something from tree and don't click in 
>> list, just start marquee. You'll see that item isn't selected at all.
> That's the same bug you mentioned in your previous e-mail - I've not 
> yet submitted a fix for this, but shall do as soon as I can.
Ah, ok.
> Thanks for your testing,

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