Mac cdrom issue

Charles Davis cdavis at
Wed Oct 14 11:21:23 CDT 2009

Roderick Colenbrander wrote:
> Hi,
> I don't know much about the cd-rom stuff on osx but I expect there are
> much more issues of which some are more severe than this (and the
> solution might fix all the issues). I believe that on osx there is no
> such thing as direct cd-rom access (anymore) and due to this I think
> wine can't read audio tracks, neither can we write CDs from Wine or
> read special data tracks needed for e.g. copy protections.
There is this CFPlugIn object called the "SCSITaskDevice" that lets us
get raw SCSI access to devices like CD-ROM drives. But there are a
number of issues with it. For one thing, all the descriptors to all the
device files have to be closed (because the files go away when using the
object), and the disk has to be unmounted (same reason). I have a patch
that uses this object, but it's useless right now because wineserver
holds an FD to the device file which must be closed. Guess I'll have to
take that up with AJ.
> As far as I
> remember Transgaming wrote their own cd-rom driver for this, so
> perhaps that's the direction we should head into as well else we will
> never get copy protections working on OSX.
You mean they wrote a kernel extension that replaced Apple's? I've
thought about doing that, and I even have one that does drive locking.
(The key is the IOMediaBSDClient class family, which provides the device
files themselves. They can be extended to support almost anything.) Not
sure if AJ will accept it, though. The fact that it's a KEXT and the
fact that you have to write IOKit KEXTs in C++ are definite blockers.

Or did you mean something else entirely?
> Roderick
> On Wed, Oct 14, 2009 at 5:02 PM,  <Joerg-Cyril.Hoehle at> wrote:
>> Chip,
>> I had hoped that your patch would allow mcicda to work,
>> cf. bug #20323, alas it is not so.  Instead I get to see
>> ERR("This version of Mac OS X does not support IOCDAudioControl"
>> on Leopard.
>> I googled slightly and found a message from 2004:
>>> IOCDAudioControl is deprecated if not obsolete.
>> Therefore I believe the user should not be bothered with a reference
>> to something deprecated half a decade ago and unavailable.  A
>> subsequent patch to a simple FIXME("NIY\n") would be enough.
>> Please leave IOCDAudioControl in a comment in the code at most.
>> Reading further, it looks like there's nothing to read audio CDs
>> anymore.  Instead, developers are recommended to take advantage of
>> the cddafs, which mounts all audio tracks as
>> "/Volumes/Audio-CD/01 Titel 1.aiff" and to play those files with
>> CoreAudio instead.
>> I've checked that mixed CDs with both data files and audio tracks let
>> 2 CD icons appear on the Finder's desktop, e.g. /Volumes/ABC/ and
>> /Volumes/Audio-CD/
>> So I wonder whether mcicda on Mac OS should forward calls to
>> waveaudio and play .aiff files instead.  I don't know how ntdll and
>> the mountmgr etc. could be changed to accomodate the separation in two
>> volumes, i.e. how to map both /Volumes/ABC and /Volumes/Audio-CD/ to D:\
>> Regards,
>>        Jörg Höhle.

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