Debugging Xfire: need help

Warren Dumortier nwarrenfl at
Sun Oct 18 08:02:05 CDT 2009

Xfire was working until version 1.104, but since then it crashed on every
Wine version, so the Xfire update broke it under Wine.

Here's the problem:
Xfire crashes every time you interact with it's GUI, well most of the
When using the keyboard it crashes sometimes, but when using the mouse it
crashes every time...

I used winedbg to find the possible cause, but i can't figure it out myself,
however here is the output:

As you can see, it crashes in user32/button.c, because i clicked on a

However it's the only thing i understand, can anyone help me?
I'm really looking forward to get some help as i would really like to get it

Thanks, kind regards.
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