Debugging Xfire: need help

Stefan Dösinger stefandoesinger at
Sun Oct 18 09:50:34 CDT 2009

Am 18.10.2009 um 16:24 schrieb Warren Dumortier:

> I don't think it's worth to be tested, because if Xfire doesn't  
> crash (simply by not interacting with it) games are detected.
> However i will try it, who knows! ;)
An easier way to test is probably to disable Xfire In-Game, if you  
find out how to do that without using the normal options dialog.

Game detection has nothing to do with hooking. Game detection just  
reads your registry keys, files on disk etc for known games.

The hooking comes into action once you start a game. Xfire injects its  
DLL, hooks some calls, and then displays a message telling that Xfire- 
In-Game is enabled. That allows you to use Xfire features like the  
chat, screenshots and movie recording from inside the game, even if  
the game is running in fullscreen mode, and without tabbing out of the  

The Steam in-game overlay works in the same way. However, Steam only  
injects its DLL into games started by Steam, while Xfire injects its  
DLL into every running app, even if it was already running when Xfire  
was started.

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