[1/1]oleaut32: Fix Testcases on NT4 and lower

Wilfried Pasquazzo wilfried.pasquazzo at gmail.com
Sun Oct 18 13:21:31 CDT 2009

2009/10/16 Nikolay Sivov <bunglehead at gmail.com>:
> Wilfried Pasquazzo wrote:
>> A fix for my testcases of IPicture_Render method.
>> affected files: oleaut32/tests/olepicture.c
>> On older OS than Win2000 the testcase produces different results.
>> The method IPicture_Render isn't officially supported on those old OS,
>> therefore I just used the broken() statement with the results provided
>> by wines http://test.winehq.org/data/ to catch all of those errors.
>> Wilfried Pasquazzo
> Hi. Maybe it's better to jump over tests basing on ::Render() return value?
> Or it claims that it succeeded?

I have now run some tests in Windows 98 SE (only old WinOS I have
available for now). The Render-Method really returns S_OK, even if I
clearly see that nothing is drawn, as long as the parameters given to
it are valid coordinates and Pictures. I checked it with different
icons, but it's always the same. Strange.

Anyway I'll improve the test now to make it more flexible with respect
to what colors it expects (such that it doesn't get confused on low
bpp-environments) and add some notes to explain this "special"

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