valgrind results for 20 October 2009

Dan Kegel dank at
Tue Oct 20 09:01:08 CDT 2009

Fresh Valgrind results for the wine conformance tests are available at

This is from about six hours ago, so it doesn't include Alexandre's
coming commits for the day.   The code was compiled with
-O0 -g to give detailed stacks.

The run uses current valgrind from svn with a couple patches,
mainly John Reiser's recent patch to make mmap/mprotect
behave (needed since the merge of mac support).

ole32/marshal.c hung, so I don't have any results from past that.

I suppressed some of the benign warnings, but there are surely
a bunch left (e.g. kernel32 tests of freeing an invalid pointer
still show up), so you have to look at the test source before
deciding whether a warning is valid.

I suppressed all the "possible" leaks, so any leak that shows up
in the log is quite probably a real leak (though possibly a benign one).

Please have a look to see if your favorite module has easily-fixable

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