font-shape/font-query related regression in wine 1.1.28

Hin-Tak Leung hintak_leung at
Thu Sep 3 19:54:06 CDT 2009

--- On Mon, 24/8/09, Vincent Pelletier <plr.vincent at> wrote:

> Le dimanche 23 août 2009 21:02:33,
> Hin-Tak Leung a écrit :
> > I don't know why a german translation would affect my
> environment
> > (LANG=en_GB.utf8) and setting LANG=C does not fix the
> problem.
> I just yesterday found a similar fix for a segfaulting
> "wine iexplore" on a 
> japanese environment kde.
> The best I could reach with japanese locale was a "HTML"
> followed by squares 
> (the one when a glyph is missing) before the segfault -
> probably japanese 
> localisation of "html rendering disabled". Switching to
> LC_ALL=C cures the 
> crash.
> Originaly, the crash was in WoW launcher (which uses web
> rendering for part of 
> its window).

That's sounds quite similiar to the .NET application I use wine mainly for. It requires native mshtml and shdocvw to work with MS.NET (wine's built-in mshtml/shdocvw causes native gdiplus to fail), and uses Gecko with mono; and on start-up, it also renders a web-page sub-window. My font problem starting with wine 1.1.28 is with Gecko/mono.

I'll give LC_ALL=C a try. wine 1.1.29 shows a different error, but switching to Vista-shipped tahoma*.ttf or removing them altogether (thus using platform font) also make the application continue.

What's the commit/sha1 for the fix you found (if it were posted)?


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