winebrowser: Fix broken handling of DDE type XTYP_EXECUTE

Paul Chitescu paulc at
Fri Sep 4 14:08:57 CDT 2009

On Wednesday 02 September 2009 04:15:22 Peter Dons Tychsen wrote:
> XTYPE_EXECUTE DDE transaction for winebrowser is broken.
> The handler currently expects a MultiByte character input, which is
> wrong.
> The handler is win-unicode, and will always receive such strings.
> The encoding of the string can be seen in WDML_BuildExecuteCommand().
> This fixes programs which use DDE to show a web-link via winebrowser,
> e.g. the "Last Chaos" web-installer:
> Thanks,
> /pedro

This has been talked about before and an even safer solution was refused:

Unfortunately there is no equivalent in Windows of what Wine does. Windows 
seems to pass around ATOMs as either ANSI (Win 9x, ME) or UCS-2 (NT3x, NT4) 
or UTF-16 (2000+) depending on version.

Wine tries to do it at runtime depending on the Windows version it emulates - 
and that is per process. ANSI programs actually succeed in starting 
winebrowser because they send MBCS to it.

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