richedit: Silence fixme for WM_STYLECHANGING & WM_STYLECHANGED.

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Thu Sep 24 14:51:33 CDT 2009

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> >Subject: richedit: Silence fixme for WM_STYLECHANGING & WM_STYLECHANGED.
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> >I have tried changing the different styles, and have noticed that they
> >don't have any effect.  The initial styles are the ones actually used,
> >which is why they are stored internally for the editor.
> Is this in Wine or in Windows?  If it is in Wine, then we still need to
> implement the code to make the styles in the editor change.  This may
> involve alot of work to get them completely functional as styles change at
> least one item.
> Yes I mean in Windows it doesn't do anything.  Sorry for not being clear
enough, but I tested on Windows XP.

You can use SetWindowLong to change the styles, but the richedit control
will use the styles that it cached on creation of the richedit control, and
doesn't seem to respond to this message.
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