Working on "DOS" VGA.

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Sat Apr 3 10:34:56 CDT 2010

Stefan Dösinger <stefandoesinger at> writes:

> Am 02.04.2010 um 02:08 schrieb chris ahrendt:
>> Just my 2 phennings worth on this...
>> Why reinvent the wheel... I would say instead of doing the emulator inside wine... or a JIT... why not have
>> wine intersept the call to start the vm86 mode.. and forks off and starts DOSEMU or whatever DOS box system is
>> configured.. That way wine doesnt have to worry about it...
> Because you can mix modes in one executable. Take for example the
> average modern dos game: They start as real mode apps, then switch to
> a 32 bit protected mode dos extender(e.g. dos4gw.exe). I wouldn't be
> surprised if the app can transform itself into a Win16 app that tries
> to pop up a window. Wouldn't work well in Linux dosemu.

DOS apps can't do that. Pretty much the only thing you really have to
share is the filesystem, and it should be easy to configure DosBox to
mount ~/.wine/drive_c, and to invoke Wine when a DOS app starts a
Windows binary.

There's no reason to replicate DosBox inside Wine. On the contrary, a
nice project would be to improve integration with an external DOS
emulator and then rip out the half-broken vm86 support from Wine.

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