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Jasneet Singh jasneet.singh.kandhari at
Thu Apr 8 12:28:16 CDT 2010

I would like to contribute to the Wine development under the Google Summer
Have a knowledge of C Language and Vast Experience on Operating Systems

 I have worked and managed various OS ( OPERATING SYSTEMS ) of various
 * *
* *

*LINUX Platform*

Ubuntu 6.10

Ubuntu 7.04

Ubuntu 7.10

Ubuntu 8.04

Ubuntu 8.10

Ubutnu 9.04

Ubuntu Server 9.04

Fedora 9


*Microsoft Windows Platform*

Microsoft Windows 3x

Microsoft Windows 95

Microsoft Windows 98

Microsoft Windows ME

Microsoft Windows Server 2000

Microsoft Windows XP

Microsoft Windows Server 2003

Microsoft Windows Vista

Microsoft Windows 7


*Macintosh Platform*

Tiger MAC OSX 10.4 **

Leopard MAC OSX 10.5

Opensource is what i promote and as is visible from my mention above, I am a
Linux ( opensource supported ).

>My idea/purposal would be to make wine, powerful-enough interms of its
felxibilty to automatically find the .dll and other lib files req. for the
functioning of .exe files in the Linux OS. Inturn making the Opensource
world more friendly to the Other side. Like the MACFUSE on Mac OS X utilises
a folder approach i.e. it creates a folder with a file index so that the
efficiency of MAC is maintained while making NTFS 3G compatible with HFS+,
similarly as Wine can identify the Windows Drive, it should also be able to
think like a windows OS not as a Program on Linux running .exe files. To
this there are two approaches:-

   1. Decrypting the .exe file to its skin and recompiling it to run in the
   Linux way
   2. Making the .exe files a better illusion of windows while providing a
   better experience of the Linux world to the User

I'm keen to learn as much as I can from this opportunity provided and
contribute to the Development to the best of my caliber.

Jasneet Singh Kandhari
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