bt all broken?

Peter Urbanec at
Fri Apr 9 04:10:38 CDT 2010

On 07/04/10 06:39, Dan Kegel wrote:
> winedbg's bt all seems broken since sometime between 1.1.40 and now.
> Has anybody else seen this?

If I start a program under debugger control with "./wine winedbg 
~/test/my.exe" then I see errors such as "Can't get context for thread 
0021 in current process" or backtraces like this:

=>0 0xf773d42e uni2cp_low+0x576e() in (0x0033f7a8)

=>0 0xf773d42e uni2cp_low+0x576e() in (0x0033f7a8)
0xf771d42e: jmp 0xf771d423

If a program crashes and invokes the debugger (which I have modified to 
execute "bt all" instead of "bt" by default), I get a full set of 

I have also been seeing "err:dbghelp_msc:pe_load_debug_directory Got a 
page fault while loading symbols" on executables and matching PDB files 
generated by the Intel Compiler. It seems that MSVC generated 
executables and PDBs work fine. That problem has been around for quite a 
while, certainly before 1.1.40

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