Future implementation

Morten Rønne morten.roenne at tdcadsl.dk
Wed Apr 14 12:20:07 CDT 2010

Luis Busquets wrote:
> Could someone please confirm the following points?:
> 2. Integration of DosBOX or other emulator. How this will be done? Is 
> the plan to use them when wine detects that the programme is compiled 
> for real mode? Does that mean that the sake of wine is to provide 
> compatibility only for applications built to be run on protected mode?
It was briefly discussed when I wrote about implementing VGA mode 18. 
This does require a lot of changes in the DOSVM (another mail incoming 
about that).
It was seen as a way of making more real mode programs run without 
having to redo what others have already done.
But doing so present it's own set of problems. For me the main thing 
would be how to tell the user that they are now "leaving" wine and what 
ever error that might come should be directed at someone else.

So for me the way forward is still to improve wine's dosvm to handle 
more cases. Something I hope I can devote some time to.

Morten Rønne

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