New SCSI Driver for Mac OS X

C.W. Betts computers57 at
Tue Apr 27 21:54:56 CDT 2010

Excuse me, but why is this needed again? What IOCTL is missing in Mac OS X's native implementation?
On Apr 27, 2010, at 2:10 PM, Charles Davis wrote:

> Hi,
> A while ago on this list, I was talking about implementing SCSI support
> on Mac OS X in Wine, and we all agreed the best way to do that would be
> to have a custom driver that provides an IOCTL interface.
> I've attached the driver (which is now finished) here. I've tested it on
> my system, and it works with this small test program that's also
> attached. But I want to make sure it's totally stable before I start
> working on the Wine side. So if you've got a Mac, and you're feeling
> brave, feel free to install my driver and run my test program.
> Extract the archive, then cd to the directory inside:
> tar jxf ExtMediaBSDClient.tar.bz2
> cd ExtMediaBSDClient
> Install the extension to /Library/Extensions:
> cp -r ExtMediaBSDClient.kext /Library/Extensions
> If you're feeling really brave, you can install it to
> /System/Library/Extensions (and then it will be loaded on boot):
> cp -r ExtMediaBSDClient.kext /System/Library/Extensions
> The driver bundle has to be owned by root and belong to the wheel group,
> so make sure it does before trying to load it:
> sudo chown -R root:wheel /path/to/ExtMediaBSDClient.kext
> You can load the driver with the kextload command:
> kextload /path/to/ExtMediaBSDClient.kext
> You can verify that the driver loaded by running:
> kextstat | grep "ExtMediaBSDClient"
> Once it's loaded, all SCSI disks that are inserted afterward will accept
> the IOCTL. All disks that were inserted before won't however. To make
> sure a disk is using my driver, run the ioreg tool (it's part of Xcode)
> and look for "ExtMediaBSDClient":
> ioreg | grep "ExtMediaBSDClient"
> To test it, run the program 'ExtMediaTest' that I included. Pass it the
> filename of a device file for the disk (it should be one of the raw
> device files, e.g. /dev/rdisk1 instead of /dev/disk1) on which you want
> to test this:
> ./ExtMediaTest /path/to/device/file
> If it works, the program will print some of the INQUIRY data for that
> disk to the Terminal. If it doesn't work, it will print an error to the
> Terminal (and the driver will have logged something in the kernel log;
> see the Console app), or worse, the kernel will panic. (If it says
> "Inappropriate ioctl for device", that probably means it's not using my
> driver. Try ejecting the disk and reinserting it. And if it says the
> device is busy, try the program on one of the slices, e.g. /dev/rdisk1s1
> instead of /dev/rdisk1.)
> If anything goes wrong (error messages, kernel panics, etc.), I want to
> know about it. If you get an error, paste the whole error message. If
> it's from ExtMediaTest, show me the lines in the kernel log that came
> from the driver (they have "ExtMediaBSDClient" or some such in them). If
> the kernel panics, attach the panic log. Also, tell me which version of
> Mac OS X you're using (so I know which KernelDebugKit to use).
> As soon as I verify that the driver works well, I'm going to start
> submitting patches to implement support for it in Wine.
> Chip
> <ExtMediaBSDClient.tar.bz2>

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