The WineAPI wiki.

Dmitry Timoshkov dmitry at
Mon Aug 2 06:53:55 CDT 2010

Max TenEyck Woodbury <max at> wrote:

> > You have chosen not very good name. There is no such a thing as Wine API,
> > Wine implements Win32 API, and doesn't specify/add anything custom to it.
> > The name "WineAPI" implies that Wine defines its own API which is not true,
> > and is confusing.
> >
> This has been discussed elsewhere on this mailing list.
> There is a lot of information specific to Wine, particularly its
> internal structure, that is not shared with Microsoft's product.

Then "Wine internals" or "Wine architecture" would be more appropriate.

> Further, there is a little confusing and incorrect information in the
> Microsoft documentation. Bluntly, the Microsoft documentation is what
> they want it to be. We need to document what it really is.

Regardless of the quality of Microsoft documentation it's still Win32 API,
not a Wine API.


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