The WineAPI wiki.

Dmitry Timoshkov dmitry at
Mon Aug 2 10:25:14 CDT 2010

Max TenEyck Woodbury <max at> wrote:

> >> Further, there is a little confusing and incorrect information in the
> >> Microsoft documentation. Bluntly, the Microsoft documentation is what
> >> they want it to be. We need to document what it really is.
> >
> > Regardless of the quality of Microsoft documentation it's still Win32 API,
> > not a Wine API.
> >
> And it is Microsoft's documentation and nominally documents their code.
> We have to document *our* code. There will be differences. Differences
> that I expect will be removed when found unless we can show that the
> Microsoft documentation is, in fact, incorrect.

An API is Application Programming Interface, not the code or implementation
details. The API is for application programmers, not for system's analists.
If the Wine implementaion of win32 differs from Microsoft one - that's a bug,
it's not worth documenting, it's worth a bug report and fixing.


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