WineTestBot and D3D

Stefan Dösinger stefandoesinger at
Wed Aug 4 10:08:30 CDT 2010


Greg's testbot looks pretty useful by now, but for me it has one major problem: It cannot run D3D tests because it is stuck in a virtual machine.

I understand that the core of Winetestbot will stay in VMs, but is there a way we can extend it with extra machines?  I have a few spare boxes with different GPUs here that could be used to run the tests. What I need is basically:

*) Some magic patchwatcher software I can install on these boxes
*) A Server this software talks to to get patch jobs and report the results back.
*) Depending on the load, configure my machines to run d3d-related tests only and leave others to the VMs.

Now I guess it is important that if one of those extra test boxes dies(e.g. I turn off my computers when I am away for a while) that this doesn't break the testbot as a whole because it is waiting for test results. For starters I think security is not that much of an issue, as long as I can firewall the machine(via my router) and prevent it from connecting to anything but the testbot master.

Does the Testbot infrastructure allow this?


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