Wine users with a CD-ROM drive, please test

Matijn Woudt tijnema at
Fri Aug 6 08:40:53 CDT 2010

Test results from Windows 7 x64:

I tried with original audio CD, and a burned copy, mcicda_test.exe and
mcicda_test64.exe, and they all give:

mcicda.c:270: CD length 46:20:53
mcicda.c:325: track #1 length 118107ms
mcicda.c:392: Tests skipped: Got no mixed data+audio CD.
mcicda.c:410: last track length: 04m:15s:37frames
mcicda.c:418: last track position: 42m:07s:16frames
mcicda.c:425: Test failed: SEEK to 0035162E position last + length:
mcicda.c:436: Test failed: PLAY from 1 notify: MCIERR_HARDWARE
mcicda.c:439: Tests skipped: Cannot manage to play track 1.
mcicda: 64 tests executed (0 marked as todo, 2 failures), 2 skipped.

> David c/o paulo lesgaz wrote:
>>mcicda.c:425: Test failed: SEEK to 00203A43 position last + length: MCIERR_HARDWARE
>>mcicda.c:436: Test failed: PLAY from 1 notify: MCIERR_HARDWARE
> Same as Jeff, please see if one of you can identify which prior MCI command causes this.

Do you have any instructions how I can identify this?

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