New and subtle ddraw:dsurface test failure

Roderick Colenbrander thunderbird2k at
Mon Aug 9 01:40:28 CDT 2010

2010/8/8 Oldřich Jedlička < at>:
> Hi W,
> On Sunday 08 August 2010 11:21:35 wylda at wrote:
>> Hi,
>> i
> just noticed some new and subtle failure in ddraw:dsurface
>> tests. I don't
> know how closely you watch and study tests
>> results, so i thought it might
> be a good idea bring it the
>> the light. Sorry if not ;-)
>> Compared
> WinXP 277040d92454 vs 8b2a403a7dc3 (latest vs last
>> Friday).
> Interestingly does not happen on Intel and nVidia 64bit. So
>> the only
> affected is nVidia 32bit.
> Do you mean this problem?
> ddraw:dsurface start -
> -
> dsurface.c:419: Tests skipped: Failed to create surface
> dsurface.c:801:
> Test failed: IDirectDraw7_QueryInterface returned 80004002
> dsurface.c:808:
> this is the last test seen before the exception
> dsurface: unhandled
> exception c0000005 at 00413A29
> ddraw:dsurface done (4294967295)
> I've seen
> this also during my first tests. From my understanding the problem of
> unhandled exception is caused by query interface failure. For me it looks
> like that DirectDraw7 isn't supported on the system
> Oldřich.

I'm not sure how usable 64-bit DirectDraw is. At the time XP64 came
out, DirectDraw was already deprecated and Direct3D9 was the standard.
I'm not sure how much effort Microsoft put in 64-bit DirectDraw (it
wouldn't make sense to use it). Perhaps some IE plugins (or IE itself)
use DirectDraw and that could be why there is some support.

More investigation is needed on what is supported in 64-bit
DirectDraw. The DirectDraw 3D tests seem to fail correctly, so at
least 3D is not around. There is likely some limited 2D support
though. It shouldn't be that hard to fix the tests.


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