New and subtle ddraw:dsurface test failure

Reece Dunn msclrhd at
Mon Aug 9 02:15:31 CDT 2010

2010/8/9 Roderick Colenbrander <thunderbird2k at>:
> 2010/8/8 Oldřich Jedlička < at>:
>> Hi W,
>> On Sunday 08 August 2010 11:21:35 wylda at wrote:
>>> Hi,
>>> i
>> just noticed some new and subtle failure in ddraw:dsurface
>>> tests. I don't
>> know how closely you watch and study tests
>>> results, so i thought it might
>> be a good idea bring it the
>>> the light. Sorry if not ;-)
>>> Compared
>> WinXP 277040d92454 vs 8b2a403a7dc3 (latest vs last
>>> Friday).
>> Interestingly does not happen on Intel and nVidia 64bit. So
>>> the only
>> affected is nVidia 32bit.
>> Do you mean this problem?
>> ddraw:dsurface start -
>> -
>> dsurface.c:419: Tests skipped: Failed to create surface
>> dsurface.c:801:
>> Test failed: IDirectDraw7_QueryInterface returned 80004002
>> dsurface.c:808:
>> this is the last test seen before the exception
>> dsurface: unhandled
>> exception c0000005 at 00413A29
>> ddraw:dsurface done (4294967295)
>> I've seen
>> this also during my first tests. From my understanding the problem of
>> unhandled exception is caused by query interface failure. For me it looks
>> like that DirectDraw7 isn't supported on the system
>> Oldřich.
> I'm not sure how usable 64-bit DirectDraw is. At the time XP64 came
> out, DirectDraw was already deprecated and Direct3D9 was the standard.
> I'm not sure how much effort Microsoft put in 64-bit DirectDraw (it
> wouldn't make sense to use it). Perhaps some IE plugins (or IE itself)
> use DirectDraw and that could be why there is some support.
> More investigation is needed on what is supported in 64-bit
> DirectDraw. The DirectDraw 3D tests seem to fail correctly, so at
> least 3D is not around. There is likely some limited 2D support
> though. It shouldn't be that hard to fix the tests.

Something like this -- I haven't tested this on affected Win64 systems.

- Reece
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