New and subtle ddraw:dsurface test failure

Oldřich Jedlička at
Mon Aug 9 14:41:18 CDT 2010

Hi W,

On Monday 09 August 2010 12:31:45 wylda at wrote:
> Hi,
> >
Do you mean this problem?
> > ddraw:dsurface start ...
> Nope and nothing
about 64bit (there was no change). I was initially
> talking about changed
result from last Friday. To be precise this
> new information showed up
under WinXP 32bit on nvidia 8600GT:
> dsurface.c:3511: Test failed:
IDirectDrawSurface_Flip returned
> 0x00000003
> dsurface.c:3528: Test
failed: IDirectDrawSurface_Flip returned
> 0x00000003
> And i had a slight
feeling, that i saw you, Oldrich, doing some
> changes in this are. Thus
decided to substitute "paranoid android"
> aka testbot at

> Last note, intel card i915gm does not fail on this "Surface_Flip"
> and
thus i decided to pinpoint this issue for nvidia.

Ah, now I see (just
describe the full problem the first time, I don't have a witch ball :-)).
The nvidia driver doesn't return DD_OK like it should (see, but other non-error
code. I cannot say if this is somehow/totally wrong, but for the test
purposes this can be work-around by changing the mentioned "ok" line to
something like

  ok(hr==DD_OK || broken(hr != DD_OK && SUCCEEDED(hr)),

This tells the wine to be correct (hr==DD_OK), but allows
windows tests to fail with the alternative result code.

Could you please
try it/test it?


> Regards,
> W.

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