WineAPI structure plans

Max TenEyck Woodbury max at
Mon Aug 16 13:07:32 CDT 2010

I think I have a usable structure for the pages on the WineAPI wiki
which I am about to lay before you, but first a discussion of the
project name...


I understand that some people do not particularly approve of the name I
have given this project. It is on Sourceforge and a short relevant name
was needed. Much of the information to be presented is specific to Wine
and will be based on the contents of the Wine repository. The name
reflects that dependence. Other projects may want to use the
information presented. They are welcome to do so as far as I am
concerned. They may also wish to present information specific to their
projects. That is an excellent idea and I will help where I can, but I
have two reservations: First, I am unlikely to be familiar with the
structure of other projects; I will not be able to maintain those
contributions. Someone from the other projects will have to take
responsibility for maintaining those contributions and coordinate with
the members of the project from Wine. Second, where there are
differences between the projects, and the other projects are invited to
provide their information but not at the expense of the Wine

I also included a reference to 'API'. More than just the API will be
covered, but the API will definitely be included. While Wine is
intended to provide an interface functionally equivalent to the
Microsoft products, it will differ from their interface in small ways.
One of the most important differences will be that this API is open and
*not* particularly designed to promote Microsoft's products. References
to the Microsoft documentation will be included, but infringement of
Microsoft's copyrights is *not* intended and will be corrected as
quickly as it can be verified.

The project name can be changed if really necessary, but requests to
change it should be constructive with an emphasis on how the new name
meets the projects needs.


There are two major types of information that will be presented. One
type of information is annotation, opinion, discussion, description and
so on. This will be managed by people. Another type of information is
technical and is tied directly to the contents of the Wine project (and
other projects when the details have been worked out). My intention is
to write scripts that extract and report this kind of information. This
information will change as Wine changes. It will be difficult for the
scripts to work around the human generated content. To allow the two
major kinds of information to mix, they will be kept on separate pages.
Specifically, the editable information will be kept on what MediaWiki
calls 'sub-pages'.

The places where sub-pages are included will be controlled by the
scripts. The script writers will need to be informed of where these
inclusions should be placed. Also, to keep the number of 'red-links'
under control, The scripts will generate initial versions of the

Some structure is needed to make the scripts work and to allow people
to check the scripts. For that reason, all script generated pages will
start with a comment describing the main script responsible for
generating the page along with revision information for the script and
script components. The comment will also identify the revision of the
repository used to generate the page. (Note, the revision information
will be for the last time the page content has to be changed, and will
not be updated unless the page content, and not the revision
information, is changed.

Some structure will also be needed for sub-pages and will be set up in 
the generated initial versions of those pages. That structure consists 
of a link back to the article that included the sub-page, markings that 
the page is editable and at least one section header to serve as a 
handle to enable easy editing of the sub-page.


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