Wine64 debugger

Peter Urbanec at
Tue Aug 17 10:00:35 CDT 2010


I'm trying to get a fairly complex Win64 application to work with wine. 
I'm seeing crashes in FindNextFileW/FindNextFileA due to what looks like 
a 64 bit HANDLE value being truncated to 32 bits. I thought that I would 
employ winedbg to help me, but I can't get very far. I don't have any 
luck with winedbg even on a simple x64 Win32 app.

For my simplified test, I used MSVC2005 to generate an x64 executable 
created from the standard MSVC2005 template Win32 application. This is a 
simple app that just creates an empty window. As simple as one could get 
for a Win32 test and it executes correctly when run as "./wine 
Test1.exe". When I try to execute this test app under winedbg, I get an 
assert failure:

./wine winedbg Test1.exe
WineDbg starting on pid 001a
./programs/winedbg/memory.c:37: be_cpu_linearize: Assertion `addr->Mode 
== AddrModeFlat' failed.
wine: Assertion failed at address 0x7fec2fa657c5 (thread 0009), starting 
Unhandled exception: assertion failed in 64-bit code (0x00007fec2fa657c5).

Any ideas about why I can not use winedbg to run Win32 x64 code?


     Peter Urbanec

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