dlls/d3dx9_36/bytecodewriter.c oddity

Gerald Pfeifer gerald at pfeifer.com
Sat Aug 21 04:32:48 CDT 2010

On Thu, 19 Aug 2010, Matteo Bruni wrote:
> Hmm, so srcidx is unused. Yes, that piece of code is useless now, it's
> a remnant of an older version of that function where the source
> register was handled by some ad-hoc code, which I since then replaced
> with a call to the generic This->funcs->srcreg(). The function is
> correct otherwise, there are some tests to confirm that.
> In my opinion you can send the patch as is. Alternatively you can
> replace that piece of code with just a check for instr->src[0].regnum
> != T[0123]_REG, to keep the WARN, but it's not worth the effort
> probably.

Thanks a lot Matteo for your guidance!  Based on this, I'll formally
submit this to wine-patches.


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