How managing crashing tests ?

GOUJON Alexandre ale.goujon at
Mon Aug 23 12:59:17 CDT 2010

Hi guys,

A patch has been committed today saying "Make .. crashing like it does 
on native".
I know we have to follow (genuine) Windows behavior but I'm wondering 
how to handle these cases.

For instance, how to add a test crashing on every Windows ?
Is it useful ? I mean, none program can rely on it .. since it crashes.

Anyway, I've seen mainly two approaches
- if(0)
- /* comment
  the crashing ok()

What's the difference ? And why not #if 0 ?
I maybe lack some basic C knowledges but I think that /**/ and #if 0 are 
not added to the executable (from preprocessing stage).
If it's right, it means we can then 'enable' these blocks maybe with 
(gdb) edit something

And what about a test crashing on a specific Windows ?
I guess #ifdef CRASHES_ON_NT40 is not an elegant way (even if it's 
currently used).

Commenting such tests prevent us to check wine behavior on 'working' 
I attempted to use __TRY ... __EXCEPT_PAGE_FAULT in a test but it got 

Any advice ?

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