Wine Gecko 1.1.0 RC1

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Mon Aug 23 14:00:22 CDT 2010

  HI all,

(If you're not interested in details, please read the last paragraph).

It's been over year since the last Gecko update. A lot has happen since 
then. I've been planning to update our build a bit later, with Firefox 4 
codebase, but plans have changed. We had some serious problems with 
previous build (like bug 22157 and bug 24059, both should be fixed in the 
new build). Also there is *a lot* happening in Mozilla world. With upcoming 
Firefox 4, the backward compatibility is no longer supported and the code 
is changing with an impressive speed. I try to follow these changes, but I 
need a good solid base so that I can take care of our needs in Mozilla.

This build is based on Firefox 4 beta 4 (that is expected to be released 
this week). It goes with massive improvements, but it's less interesting 
here. We finally have sane building procedure. Thanks to mingw-w64 project, 
we no longer have to maintain our own fixes to headers and libraries. Also 
I've fixed a bug so that moztools is no longer needed for crosscompiling. 
It means that we no longer need any binary files, which should make open 
source fanatics (in a good sense) happy. Well... almost. We still need to 
create .cab file, which I do via Filzip on Windows. That's something we can 
work around. We use .cab files, because that's the only archive format that 
Wine can deal with. We can teach Wine to use other formats, which would 
finally make it possible for Wine packagers to do their own builds, if they 

The new Gecko is also the first to support Win64. Not all tests pass yet, 
but failing ones are due to missing DispCallFunc implementation for Win64, 
so it's not a Gecko problem.

It's not yet fully tested and I need help with this. I'd appreciate any 
help with testing. Almost all changes required by the new Gecko were 
possible to be committed to current Wine. The attached patch contains 
remaining bits. All you need to test it is current Wine Git (must be 
today's or later), the attached patch and a new Gecko build. You can find 
new builds [1] and win64 build [2]. Put .cab files according to generic 
instructions [3] (obviously with different file names due to different 
Gecko versions). Please let me know of any regressions.


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