Help with 6120d7cc145, causing bugs

Jeff Cook jeff at
Wed Aug 25 01:45:04 CDT 2010

Just wondering if I could get a bit more review on commit 6120d7cc145 
which was committed in early August. Here's a link:;h=6120d7cc14522983fbc38026ab4fcb6e4a68cdf0

There have been a few bug reports filed against it recently, see and .

It seems that in some relatively rare sound setups, an inappropriate 
sound element gets fed in to filllines_no_master which leads to a crash 
on audio initialize. To me this is weird because the program is 
currently written so that it flows into filllines_no_master only if 
there no is master control. A patch adding else if (micelem) instead of 
just else was recently committed and fixed at least one person's 
problem. Some people on the bug report are unable to provide full debug 
information so it makes this harder.

If you have the time, please review the patch and let me know what 
errors you notice that may be causing the aforementioned bug. I am new 
to Wine dev so please forgive anything really stupid. :)


Jeff Cook
(801) 231-3157
jeff at

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