Inviting Mono and pulseaudio to wineconf?

Hin-Tak Leung hintak_leung at
Thu Aug 26 15:46:36 CDT 2010

Vincent Povirk wrote:
>> is looking good.  (Think there's a Summer
>> of Code 2011 project or two in there?)
> Judging by bugzilla, there don't seem to be any large projects that
> would help compatibility enough to be worthwhile. All the mscoree bugs
> only affect one app.

Sorry for going off-track in this thread again... I just noticed a couple of 
outdated-ness on - the Ximian people have switched 
to git on github for hosting the development about a month ago. It is on
git:// or thereabouts. Also, half of the cross-compiling 
dependencies are available (and more up to date) on fedora under the ming32-* 

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