RFC: Resolving a full screen bug

Erich Hoover ehoover at mines.edu
Thu Aug 26 19:56:18 CDT 2010

On Thu, Aug 26, 2010 at 2:02 AM, Alexandre Julliard <julliard at winehq.org> wrote:
> ...
> It's not correct, the iconic flag is supposed to reflect the state that
> we have asked from X. What is the exact sequence that leads to the
> window remaining iconified?

I figured this still wasn't quite right.  It's not that it remains
iconified, it's that it goes to "partial-screen" (see attached
screenshot) instead of full-screen.  The relevant calls appear to be
(noting that my display is currently set to 1440x900):

> trace:win:WIN_CreateWindowEx L"Borderlands" L"LaunchUnrealUWindowsClient" ex=00040000 style=00cb0000 360,225 720x450 parent=(nil) menu=(nil) inst=0x400000 params=(nil)
> trace:win:dump_window_styles style: WS_CAPTION WS_SYSMENU WS_MINIMIZEBOX WS_MAXIMIZEBOX
> trace:win:dump_window_styles exstyle: WS_EX_APPWINDOW
> ...
> trace:win:SetWindowPos hwnd 0x30096, after (nil), 21,846 (32x32), flags 00008160
> ...
> trace:win:SetWindowPos hwnd 0x30096, after (nil), 0,0 (1440x900), flags 00000014
> trace:win:dump_winpos_flags flags: SWP_NOZORDER SWP_NOACTIVATE
> ...
> trace:win:SetWindowPos hwnd 0x30096, after (nil), 0,0 (0x0), flags 00000043
> trace:win:dump_winpos_flags flags: SWP_NOSIZE SWP_NOMOVE SWP_SHOWWINDOW
> ...

So, you can see why I was suspicious of the "iconic" status not being
updated and that resulting in the window not transitioning to the
full-screen size.

Erich Hoover
ehoover at mines.edu
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