d3d9 equivalent of D3DXFVFFromDeclarator?

Henri Verbeet hverbeet at gmail.com
Sun Aug 29 08:55:09 CDT 2010

On 28 August 2010 23:35, Misha Koshelev <misha680 at gmail.com> wrote:
> One point of clarification if possible.
> The need for D3DXFVFFromDeclarator() from the standpoint ID3DXMesh is
> for the GetFVF() function.
> It seems, per dlls/d3d9/tests/vertexdeclaration.c test_decl_to_fvf
> that the same functionality (to return an FVF from a device) exists in
> d3d9 as well.
Possibly. If you look at the tests in (d3d9)
test_fvf_decl_conversion() you'll see that only the first two
declarations return anything other than 0 (D3DFVF_XYZ and
D3DFVF_XYZRHW), and those are marked as todo_wine. This is
"implemented" by vertexdeclaration_init() *not* setting convFVF, and
IDirect3DDevice9Impl_GetFVF() returning "decl->convFVF" when a vertex
declaration is set. So declarations created by the application will
always have 0 for FVF, while the ones created by getConvertedDecl()
will have a non-zero FVF associated. It may well be the case that the
test is simply flawed; I wouldn't call any of the declarations that
return a 0 FVF reasonable. Most of them don't include position data,
and the ones that do can't be expressed as an FVF at all.
Nevertheless, the simple fact is that d3d9 doesn't currently implement
conversion of vertex declarations to FVFs.

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