HEAP and FarCry installer

Henri Verbeet hverbeet at gmail.com
Sun Aug 29 08:55:48 CDT 2010

2010/8/29  <wylda at volny.cz>:
> Hope i don't bother you much, but i guess you would tell me...
> I still have a problem with FarCry installer. During that i found
> HEAP issue - based on assumption, that message "Heap invalid in-use
> arena magic 00eefeee" is unhealthy.
> So program allocates 6fc bytes at 0x14c160 and free those bytes at
> the end of the following list, but immediately tries to free another
> heap at 14c188 which belongs to the freed area already, right?. Also
> there is no trace, that the program allocates that 14c188 memory. Is
> that bug or nothing unusual?
Yeah, that looks like a bug, but from the log it's not clear that it
isn't just the application doing that. A good start would be to check
to what module the "ret" addresses for both the HeapAlloc() and the
HeapFree() (7dfef944 and 7dfefa1e in the log) belong. If that's the
application or one of its dlls it's likely just an application bug, if
on the other hand it's a Wine dll (e.g. msi) that's where you should
be looking.

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