DIB clarification

James Mckenzie jjmckenzie51 at earthlink.net
Mon Aug 30 10:32:55 CDT 2010

Michael Stefaniuc <mstefani at redhat.com> wrote:
>Now that "that waive with $$$" isn't very likely as the cost/benefit
>ratio isn't very good. More likely is that Codeweavers will start
>working on a Quartz driver and that work will make the DIB engine
>"cheaper" to implement. Again, this is my *personal* opinion.
I would like to add my *personal* comment to the above.  Both the DIB engine and implementing Auqa/Quartz on Wine are HUGE projects that will take a lot of time.  Huw Davis (sp?) and Max put a lot of time into the DIB project and according to Tom Wickline, Max is still working on it (see Tom's message on in this thread for more information.)  Emmanual Mallard and others put in a lot of time on the Aqua/Quartz implementation without a full implementation and Emmanual (to my knowledge) stopped working on it almost two years ago.  These both *appear* to be interlinked as the DIB engine has to be implemented before full functionality is available for Aqua/Quartz will work (these are not my words and this was posted here in the Wine Development List.)

My words of caution were misread by others here.  I was going to work on the Quartz project based upon work that I had participated in another FOSS project, but after looking it over very carefully, I decided to set it aside and work on other much smaller, bigger bang for the time, projects.  One I have been working on for two years and that work had to be abandoned as the implementation was not correct (thank you AJ for pointing this out in very blunt words.)

What to do about these two 'features' missing?  Maybe CodeWeavers will pick them up (they may already have.)  Maybe someone or a team will take them over.  I will move onto fixing bugs and missing features that are 'important' to me and leave the rest to others who have more time and ambition.

Thank everyone here for your words of encouragement and I will continue to work on the three functions I would like to see implemented that will make some of the 'fixmes' go away.

James McKenzie

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