Wine 1.4 plans?

Dan Kegel dank at
Mon Aug 30 16:06:15 CDT 2010

I suppose we'll hear what the goals for 1.4 are at Wineconf, but
here's my little wish list:

Bug 6971, the mouse problem affecting many FPS-style games (Alexandre
thinks it would take a month of his time?)
Solving Wine's problems with Pulseaudio (bug #10495)
Mono integration similar to the current Gecko integration (go Vincent!)
Finishing d3dx9_36 and friends (i.e. getting rid of the need to run
winetricks to load bits of Direct3D9)
Excellent continuous build and test services at, including
performance tests (ok, this isn't really a wine feature)
Move away from using 2D graphics acceleration, as Windows has done
(this is both a superset and a subset of the DIBEngine idea) (heard
this from Roderick)

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