msvcrt:string Fix codepage table 1361 (Korean Johab)

Dmitry Timoshkov dmitry at
Tue Aug 31 05:23:28 CDT 2010

GOUJON Alexandre <ale.goujon at> wrote:

> You've done great things on wine for a long time and fixed plenty of 
> bugs (again, thanks) but ... how can you say that (the last sentence) ?
> I don't want to offense you, I'm no one, and I don't say that just to be 
> mean .. but there won't be any problem until an application rely on it.
> And that's wine is for : provide an implementation of win32 API, mimic 
> windows behavior (and its bugs).

Wine's aim is to run Windows applications, not to implement everything
Windows has. Therefore Wine only implements things the Windows applications
depend upon. There are hundreds (if not thousands) APIs, or things that differ
in Wine in comparoson to Windows. That only starts to matter once there is
a Windows application that doesn't run due to that. Spending time fixing
differencies nobody cares about is a time loss.


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