Death to win9x?

K.King k.king177 at
Fri Dec 3 02:53:40 CST 2010

A majority of that effort is rewriting tests to make win9x happy, not
rewriting behavior to fix win9x applications.

Few people (if any) want to intentionally break win9x applications,
but spending a large amount of developer effort to maintain the tests
there isn't really the best investment, when it could instead be spent
fixing real bugs.
Regressions are a normal part of large scale development.
Regressions are real bugs.
Unless you are becoming what you imitate:-)

I could drop the Win9x tests and concentrate on Windows 2000 and 
higher.  Would this be a good course of action?
Drop seems harsh, prioritize seems reasonable.
If you are 199% confident nothing you do would affect Win9x (famous 
developer last words)
AJ says put the Win9x users in the lifeboat
then it's a good course for you
And a not so good one for Win9x users.

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