[PATCH 1/4] wineaddon.cpl: Added initial Wine Add-ons Manager stub.

Jacek Caban jacek at codeweavers.com
Mon Dec 6 12:15:56 CST 2010

On 12/6/10 1:15 PM, Alexandre Julliard wrote:
> Jacek Caban<jacek at codeweavers.com>  writes:
>> The following series of patches is a first step towards Wine Add-ons
>> tool. These patches move Gecko installation to wineaddon.cpl. They do
>> nothing about making install code generic nor provide any new GUI yet.
>> They only place the code in the right place so that it can be improved
>> further.
> Is a separate control panel really the right place?  It seems to me that
> it would be preferable if add-ons were treated more like normal
> packages, and in particular registered in the installed packages
> list. This would make it possible to manage them from the appwiz control
> panel, and from other tools that use install information like
> uninstaller.

I must have misunderstood your plan then.  Now I understand that we will 
have MSI file with self extracting archive for both Gecko and Mono that 
can be downloaded and/or installed by control panel applet. I agree that 
appwiz.cpl looks like a better place than a new applet for that.

Let's make it clear, what's the plan:
The first step is moving the code to the right place (I will send 
patches moving it to appwiz.cpl). On the next Gecko release, we will 
change it to use MSI file and all goodies of more standard installation. 
Meantime we need some improvements. I know that André is looking at 
required 7zip improvements and Hans has looked at MSI file creation. I'm 
planning to add checksum checking and fix installation without z: drive 
mapping. Also some GUI changes and making the code more generic for Mono 
will be needed. It's up to Vincent when he's planning to add Mono package.


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