Cross-DLL toolbar bitmaps

Erich Hoover ehoover at
Thu Dec 9 16:27:36 CST 2010

I was looking into adding better bitmaps for the toolbar controls in
hhctrl.ocx (now that we have fancy alpha transparency support) and I wanted
to make sure that the bitmaps used matched everywhere else in Wine.  Looking
into how this works currently, I noticed that keeping all the toolbar
bitmaps in sync is currently done manually.  For example,
dlls/shell32/idb_tb_large.bmp uses older icons for backward and forward
where dlls/shdocvw/ietoolbar.bmp and dlls/comctl32/idb_std_large.bmp use the
new icons.  So, my thought was that it might be desirable to split apart the
individual icons, move them all to one centralized location, and then
institute a makefile rule for chaining the icons together into toolbar
bitmaps.  Any other thoughts?  Does this sound reasonable and worth

Erich Hoover
ehoover at
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