wine-1.3.8 regression for the curses backend to wineconsole

Alan W. Irwin irwin at
Fri Dec 10 19:01:56 CST 2010

On 2010-12-10 15:14-0800 Juan Lang wrote:

> Hi Alan,
> you should open a bug for this rather than ask here.  (Also, I just
> tried on Ubuntu 10.04 with Wine 1.3.9 here, and I can't confirm.)

Thanks, Juan, for your reply which inspired me to build wine-1.3.9, and
indeed the issue has been fixed for that version.  I should have built
wine-1.3.9 before saying anything here, but I thought I was safe because
it's not been very long since 1.3.8 was released.  Sorry for that noise.

This is obviously a case where discussion here has saved a "noise" bug report
on the bugtracker.  Some open-source projects that I am aware of do
encourage discussion of issues on the mailing lists before bug
reporting to reduce bugtracker noise at the expense of some more list
noise.  I assumed because of the bot reports I have noticed on this
list, wine also had that same culture.  However, at this point, I
don't know whether the above remark about not discussing bugs here is
one person's opinion or the consensus culture here.  I am willing to
go along with whatever that consensus is.

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