Wine and serial port AGAIN

Uwe Bonnes bon at
Fri Dec 17 04:03:25 CST 2010

>>>>> "Pavel" == Pavel Troller <patrol at> writes:

    Pavel> Hi!  As a technician, I need often to use some form of serial
    Pavel> port communication.  My recent experience is with a program for
    Pavel> programming TYT radios from China.  They supply a simple windows
    Pavel> app, which allows to program all the features of the radio, which
    Pavel> cannot be accomplished using the radio keyboard only.  The
    Pavel> program works perfectly in wine, with one exception - a physical
    Pavel> comms with the radio. It complains that it doesn't receive a
    Pavel> response from the radio, while the radio crashes - it stops
    Pavel> working, when a programming attempt is made, and has to be
    Pavel> power-cycled.

By programming you mean volatile programming of some parameter and not flash

> trace:comm:get_irq_info TIOCGICOUNT err Invalid argument

Go to dlls/ntdll/serial.c  get_irq_info() and and add TRACES for the
parameters to find the invalid argument.

A run with +comm,+relay can also be helpfull. Look for the messagebox with
the "It complains that it doesn't receive a response from the radio" and
look what call before fails. If it is the get_irq_info above, we are on the
right track...


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