Wine and serial port AGAIN

Wolfram Sang wolfram at
Sun Dec 19 15:14:20 CST 2010

>    It would be very good! I'm voting even for including the 2.6.36 version into
> the next .36 patch (probably .36.3).

The dot releases are for backported bug-fixes only. This is a new 
functionality, so it won't be in 2.6.36. Same for 2.6.37, which is in 
the stabilization phase now, usually no new features here, too. In fact, 
the patch should be send to linux-usb soon, so it will be included in 
the merge-window for 2.6.38 (please, no discussion about this workflow 
on wine-devel ;))

>    I can contact Pavel Machek, which has a lot of drivers in the kernel, but
> if anybody here could push it to the sources directly, it would be better.

No need to do this. Vijay just needs to

1) read Documentation/SubmittingPatches
2) consult the MAINTAINERS file (or use scripts/
    (you can set me on CC, too)
3) send the patch
4) wait for comments
5) if not applied goto 3

No magic involved :)



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