RFC: New winetricks options --optin, --optout

Dan Kegel dank at kegel.com
Mon Dec 20 11:32:19 CST 2010

I'm interested in which winetricks verbs people are
using, mostly so I can nuke the ones that nobody
cares about, but also so I can pay more attention
to making sure popular ones work.

So I added an --optin option to winetricks; if you
give that option, winetricks will report which verbs
you use.  You can turn this off again with --optout.
This is only in svn, not yet in the released version,
and it's only a commandline thing; GUI users are
currently unaffected.  See

I kind of expect not many people to find that option
and turn it on, so it seemed safe to add.  If the
community agrees, at some point I'll change the
GUI to ask users on first run whether they want to help
winetricks development by reporting usage information.

- Dan

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