The Windows version of the "octave --version" command exposes an uncommon X network transparency issue for wine

Alan W. Irwin irwin at
Mon Dec 20 17:42:44 CST 2010

I have been downloading lots of free software packages for Windows
that are dependencies of PLplot so that I can add additional
components of PLplot for my tests of PLplot under wine.  Normally, I
do all such testing on an X-terminal, and wine normally works without
X transparency issues for everything I have tested up to now on wine.
These tests include Windows GUI installers for lots of different free
software packages and PLplot device drivers that generate interactive
plots for the Windows platform.  I have not done any such tests for

This just-encountered network-transparency trouble occurred for the
Windows version of octave, and the reason I am bringing it up here is
to find out if this is a known issue or a new bug that I should report
on your bug tracker.

Here are the details.  I am running a 32-bit version of wine-1.3.9
that I have built and installed on Debian testing 64-bit hardware.

The GUI installer for octave obtained from
worked fine under wine (on the X-terminal).  I chose everything to be
default other than the install prefix location.

I am also using the latest version of Windows bash from MSYS and
start running it as follows

wineconsole --backend=curses MinGW/msys/1.0/bin/bash.exe

Under that bash if I set the PATH to include the bin directory where
octave.exe resides and run

octave --version

directly (i.e., not from an X-terminal) I get a good result which
consists of the usual GNU octave version message.  If I do
the same thing from my X-terminal (where all X applications like the
xterm where the wineconsole command is executed are running on a
remote machine over the office LAN and a local X server on the
X-terminal box transparently handles the X display, keyboard, and
mouse), then I get the following errors (subject to rewrapping)

bash.exe-3.1$ octave --version
X Error of failed request:  BadMatch (invalid parameter attributes)
Major opcode of failed request:  1 (X_CreateWindow)

Serial number of failed request:  208
Current serial number in output stream:  210

Since a rather large number of wineconsole or wine commands I have
been running recently (including the octave installer GUI itself) work
without issues for an X-terminal, my working hypothesis is the Windows
version of octave (which can know absolutely nothing about X)
generates a special version of a normal display request to wine that
wine for some reason cannot handle in a network-transparent way when
translating that display request to X.

Are there known network transparency issues still remaining for some
small subset of the display requests translated into X by wine or is
this a new X network transparency bug for wine that I should report?

Alan W. Irwin

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