The Windows version of the "octave --version" command exposes an uncommon X network transparency issue for wine

André Hentschel nerv at
Tue Dec 21 07:33:12 CST 2010

Am 21.12.2010 00:42, schrieb Alan W. Irwin:
> I have been downloading lots of free software packages for Windows
> that are dependencies of PLplot so that I can add additional
> components of PLplot for my tests of PLplot under wine.  Normally, I
> do all such testing on an X-terminal, and wine normally works without
> X transparency issues for everything I have tested up to now on wine.
> These tests include Windows GUI installers for lots of different free
> software packages and PLplot device drivers that generate interactive
> plots for the Windows platform.  I have not done any such tests for
> games.
> This just-encountered network-transparency trouble occurred for the
> Windows version of octave, and the reason I am bringing it up here is
> to find out if this is a known issue or a new bug that I should report
> on your bug tracker.

I'm not sure, but have a look at:


Best Regards, André Hentschel

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