New winetricks 20101222: new verbs icodecs, msnasn1, opensymbol, wmi, xmllite; removed obsolete verbs audioio, dcom98, eadm, urlmon

Dan Kegel dank at
Wed Dec 22 13:41:13 CST 2010

Another month, another Winetricks.

Online as always at
(Bug reports to the issue tracker at the above URL, please.)


Lots of bugfixes.

wsh57 now works with vb scripts.

The code has undergone some spring cleaning, so watch out
for regressions.  (We've fixed a few already.)  In particular,
the audioio, dcom98, eadm, and urlmon verbs are gone, let
me know if you really need those!

There's a new --optin commandline option that will tells
winetricks to phone home after each run with info about
which verbs really get used.
Please consider using this, it will help future winetricks development.
(You only have to give that option once, it sticks.
You can turn it off with the --optout option, or by removing

Longer Changelog:

Detlef Riekenberg:
wmi: new verb

Andrew Nguyen:
steam: install corefonts first
gfw: Avoid extracting the entire Win2k SP4 redist for msasn1.dll

Austin English:
Always use quiet and overwrite options for unzip. (issue 196)
Lots of win64 fixes
audioio: removed
cmake: support silent install
d3dx9_xx: only extract the desired dll (faster)
dotnet11: work around wine bug 25120
eadm: remove, it's useless and its sha1sum changes way too often
ie6: get rid of ie6 online installer, rename ie6_full to ie6 (which
     works around the inseng bug), support quiet installs
mono28: bump to mono 2.8.1
mono28: remove mono registry keys, they are set by default in Wine since 1.2
msxml3: fix install
opensymbol: added font
set_psm: should set PixelShaderMode, not RenderTargetLockMode. (Issue 197)
unset_winver: wine changed version setting, so make this a synonym for winver xp
vcrun2003: use the correct programfiles directory. Fixes win64 install.
w_call: if the subshell fails, exit immediately, otherwise w_die() is useless
winver: update how setting a windows version works.
w_warn: should return 0 in case of no-gui
xact: fix for WINEPREFIXes with spaces/special characters

Dan Kegel:
Many small changes to start obeying new coding convention.
Fix a few bugs found when running on windows
Fix places where paths weren't quoted (bug 179).  Thanks to Roberto Neri.
Add --option, --optout options to control experimental opt-in usage tracking.
crypt32: it was really broken, but works now.
dcom98: it's obsolete, and causes problems, so removed.
dotnet30: have to set XP mode now for install to work
dotnet35: improved recipe per Louis, good enough to let some apps start
icodecs: brought back, thanks to Alan Alberghini for the new URL.
msasn1: new verb.
urlmon: remove for now
wsh57: improve so wscript hello.vbs works
xmllite: new verb.  (Hangs at end unless you give -q)

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