New winetricks 20101222: new verbs icodecs, msnasn1, opensymbol, wmi, xmllite; removed obsolete verbs audioio, dcom98, eadm, urlmon

Dan Kegel dank at
Wed Dec 22 14:16:13 CST 2010

Roseanne wrote:
> Urlmon is needed to work around bugs 25492 and 25494.

Jacek suggests installing ie7 (and possibly limiting overrides to
just urlmon).  He warns that the old ie6-era urlmon winetricks
was using would cause more and more problems as he continues
moving wine over to ie7-style infrastructure.

A new urlmon verb that installs an ie7-era urlmon would be
logical, but I haven't needed it myself yet.  If anyone else
needs it and feels like coding it up, I'd be happy to test and commit.
- Dan

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