kernel32/tests: Skip some debugger tests on 64-bit

Jacek Caban jacek at
Thu Dec 30 10:17:36 CST 2010

On 12/30/10 4:31 PM, Greg Geldorp wrote:
> I get very different results for the kernel32:debugger tests depending on
> which compiler I use. With VS2008, the test runs fine. With mingw64
> 4.4.1-1a (used by the TestBot build VM), the child process that's supposed
> to crash keeps running, re-executing the instruction that causes the
> exception (an assignment through a NULL pointer) again and again. With
> mingw64 4.4.0 (used by Alexandre to build winetest.exe) the child process
> terminates, but doesn't launch the debugger.

FWIW here are results with GCC 4.5.1, mingw-w64 SVN:
It fails as well.

> One other observation is that the function table in mingw64-generated
> executables seems to be borked (or at least incompatible with what the
> Microsoft tools expect). When running "dumpbin /unwindinfo" on
> mingw64-generated executables, no unwind info is displayed. Since the
> function table/unwind info is closely related to exception handling on
> x64, I'm blaming the test failures on mingw64.

That's not yet supported by GCC. Proper unwind info as well as SEH 
exception support is planned for GCC 4.6.


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