64-bit Notepad2 crashes

Susan Cragin susancragin at earthlink.net
Thu Dec 30 22:15:39 CST 2010

>>> Does this 'path' exist in LD_LIBRARY_PATH or equivilent?
>>> Otherwise ld might not be able to 'find' it when starting the program.
>>> James McKenzie
>> James...
>> You've just exhausted my technical knowledge. How do I do / find that?
>For the BASH shell:
>Type in set and look for the LD_LIBRARY_PATH line.
>for the CSH/KSH shell:
>Type in env
>Look for the LD_LIBRARY_PATH line.
>Hopefully, /usr/local/lib is there.
>BTW, to make Wine work on a Mac, I have to add this line....
>James McKenzie

Typed "set"
Did word search on "library."

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